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Zen Extracts is a Southern California company specializing in processing the highest quality live material into a variety of different concentrates. “Live Resin” is the term we use to describe our products because the material is extracted while the plant is “Alive” to capture the purest essence of the plant. We specialize in solvent and non-solvent extractions based on how the resin wants to be captured. Focusing on creating multiple consistencies to please any connoisseur with our live resin badder, live resin sauce, and live hash rosin.



Shirts, pants, socks, towels, blankets, dab mats and so much more. Visit our online store to purchase Zen merch now.


Live Resin, Badder, Sauce, dabs, hash and so much more. Visit any one of the listed locations to find our premium extracts.


Zen Extracts Consulting is a project we will be releasing in 2019 to help spread knowledge of extraction.