Zen Extracts has been dedicated to the plant for practically three decades. Practicing healthy, sustainable, and organic growing techniques while keeping in mind the beautiful resin these plants produce. We have always strived to take care of the grower first because without them we couldn’t extract the best resin the plant has to offer. That being said we have been breeding and pheno hunting seeds allowing us to have a very special line up of premier strains for us to extract. With medicine in mind we want to hit the full spectrum of cannabinoids and vital terpenes through our extraction process.

Through science and the love for the plant we have launched into the recreational market with a mission to provide the best quality medicine. Our goal is always to extract the purest essence from the plant’s resin without using any type of remediation. Despite what type of extraction through ice water or solvent based we are capturing the vital terpenes and cannabinoids. With our post processing practices we want to provide the customer the best end product to be used as medicine. We are loyal to the plant and the soil in which it grows. Like the plant we will continue to grow while spreading our leaves with the utmost respect for the industry and the forefathers of cannabis.